03. Poh Pia Tod

Traditional Thai style fried spring rolls

07. Kung Pom Pha

Delicious king prawn tails wrapped
in a fine, crisp rice pasta.

09. Mix Thai orchid

A varied selection of our favourite

starters to taste.

04. Poh Pia sod

Traditional Thai style fresh spring rolls with king prawns, rice noodles and vegetables.

08. Kai Jho

Diced chicken with tofu pasta and spices.

05. Kai Sate

Delicate brochettes of chicken breast marinated in coconut milk and spices. Served with peanut sauce.


11. Yam Woonsen Tale

A variety of seafood in small pieces seasoned
with lime juice, herbs and a slightly spicy fish sauce.

12. Som Tam Tai

Green papaya salad with peanuts seasoned
with lime juice, slightly spicy.


15. Tom Ka Kai

A mild chicken soup with coconut milk and galangal.

16. Tom Yum Pho Tak

All the flavours of Thailand, seafood soup
with slightly spicy lemon juice.

17. Tom Yam Kung

Slightly spicy king prawn soup with three herbs, spices, lemon juice and mushrooms.


Pad Thai

A traditional preparation of stir-fried noodles
with chicken or king prawns, onions, soy sauce
and vegetables with peanuts.

19. Kai / Chicken

20. Kung / King prawns

Pad Kee-mao

Stir-fried noodles with chicken or king prawns
and vegetables, slightly spicy.

21. Kai / Chicken

22. Kung / King prawns

fried rice

24. Kao Pad Kung

Fried rice with king prawns, egg and Thai sauce.

25. Kao Pad Sapparod

Fried rice with chicken, pineapple, raisins and Thai sauce.


Kaeng Khiao-waan

Filleted beef tenderloin or chicken in green curry with vegetables and coconut milk.

27. Nua / Beef

28. Kai / Chicken


Beef or chicken fillets in red curry and coconut milk.

32. Nua / Beef

33. Kai / Chicken

37. Kaeng Phed Ped Yang

Mild red duck curry with pineapple,
lychees and cherry tomatoes.

30. Massaman

Tender strips of pork, beef or chicken

in a mild red curry with potatoes.

Kaeng Ped

Red beef or chicken curry with vegetables
and bamboo shoots in coconut milk, slightly spicy.

35. Nua / Beef

36. Kai / Chicken

fish and seafood

38. Pad Kaprao Tale

Diced cuttlefish with king prawns and mussels stir-fried with basil and herbs, slightly spicy.

42. Pla Nung See-eiw

Steamed cod in soya and ginger sauce.

49. Pad jhoi Lay

Clams with vegetables in oyster

and soya sauce, slightly spicy.

39. Pad Pong Karee Tale

Stir-fried seafood with curry spice, egg, coconut milk and vegetables, slightly spicy.

43. Pla Nung Manaow

Steamed sea bass with vegetables,
mint and lemon juice, slightly spicy.

50. Kung Makam

Marinated king prawns covered

in sweet and sour tamarind sauce.

41. Pla Rad Prik

Gilthead sea bream fried in a mint,

chilli and basil sauce, slightly spicy.

48. Tuna Namtok

Thai style diced tuna with herbs, slightly spicy.

52. Pla muek kaprao

Squid (calamares) stir-fried with

vegetables, chilli and basil, slightly spicy.

beef and fowl

Tod Kratiam Priktai

Sliced chicken or beef fillets stir-fried in garlic
and pepper with a sweet sauce.

54. Nua / Beef

55. Kai / Chicken

60. Kai Pad Med Mamuang

Fried chicken strips with cashew nuts,
vegetables and soya and oyster sauce.

65. Lap Kai

Chicken breast strips prepared with mint,
shallots and lemon juice, slightly spicy.

58. Pad Kaprao Kai

Sliced chicken fillets stir-fried with basil and vegetables.

61. Pad Phak Ruam

Stir-fried vegetables in oyster sauce.

67. Kai Pad Priew-waan

Chicken fillets stir-fried with onion and vegetables and covered in a sweet tomato sauce.

59. Pad Kaprao ped

Stir-fried duck with vegetables

and green peppers, slightly spicy.

62. Pad Pong Karee Kai

Chicken strips stir-fried with curry spices, egg,
coconut milk and vegetables, slightly spicy.